I always felt that working with women was my calling, becoming a Midwife was very innate in me. I never doubted it and I have always loved it.

I graduated from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Lima, Peru) in 2002 with a Bachelor's degree in Midwifery. After graduating, I worked in a labor and delivery hospital unit where medical interventions were routine, regardless of the normal health of mother and baby, therefore, interrupting the natural birthing process. At that moment, I knew that working in a hospital wasn't for me, especially long-term. Eventually I embraced the idea that there must be a better way -- a better way for women to give birth and to discover alternative birthing options that were both healthy and safe.

Eventually, the experience enabled me to sharpen my skills and knowledge as it related to recognizing, managing, and co-managing complications. It also enabled me to conduct research for my thesis regarding the routine use of episiotomies which was an added bonus.

In search of a more meaningful career path in midwifery, I set myself on a renewed path and moved to New York City where I eventually became certified as a Lamaze Childbirth Educator and as a Labor and Birth Doula. Soon after, I volunteered for 12 months as a Labor Doula at the Birthing Center at a local hospital. I then started assisting at home-births as a Doula/Midwife Assistant. After four years of assisting approximately 50 births, I became Certified and Licensed as a Midwife in New York and started my solo practice. So far during my career, I've delivered about 200 babies and the experience has been nothing short of rewarding. Most of all, however, was the experience of having childbirth at home twice in 2 years! Without question, the insight and wisdom gained has impacted the quality of care that I provide to every single one of my patients.

Today, I provide personalized care, offering all the information necessary to build a trustworthy relationship with every woman under my care. Every visit is done in the comfort of the woman’s home. I adjust my care to the needs of every individual so that I can support her and contribute towards achieving the goal of a natural and powerful birth experience.

On a personal note, when I’m not thinking about childbirth, I enjoy being a wife to my wonderful and supportive husband, Brad. Most of all, however, there's nothing like being a mother to my two little girls, Sofia and Sierra, born in the warmth of our home.