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About Birth:
Normal Birth and You
Is Home Birth More Dangerous Than Hospital Birth
The Hormones of Birth
Undisturbed Birth
Midwifery Provision of Home Birth Services

Your Body Throughout Pregnancy 
5 Key Things Homebirth Mamas Have In Common 
7 Things Homebirth Mamas Are Tired of Hearing 
When Your Partner Says No To Homebirth

About Evidence On Medical Topics:
Exercise During Pregnancy
Perineal Massage During Pregnancy
Advanced Maternal Age

roup B Strep In Pregnancy
External Cephalic Version To Turn A Breech Baby
Vitamin K Shot In Newborns
Erythromycin Ointment For Newborns
Induction Or C-Section For A Big Baby

Failure to Progress
Gestational Diabetes

About Induction of Labor:
Inducing Labor For Going Past Your Due Date
Induction For Low Fluid In a Healthy Pregnancy
Evidence on Sex to Induce Labor
Evidence on Breast Stimulation to Induce Labor
Evidence on Eating Dates to Induce Labor
Evidence on Eating Pineapple to Induce Labor
Evidence on Drinking Red Raspberry Leaf to Induce Labor
Evidence on Taking Evening Primrose Oil to Induce Labor
Evidence on Drinking Castor Oil to Induce Labor

About Cesarean Section:
What Every Pregnant Woman Needs To Know About Cesarean Section
Cesarean Section Trends

About Ultrasounds:

About Breastfeeding:
Human Milk Has A Microbiome 
Hand Expression of Breast milk

About Pitocin:
Pitocin Side Effects And Risks

About Nutrition:
More Is Not Always Better, Even With Folic Acid

About Postpartum:
Healing Abdominal Muscles After Pregnancy

Pelvic Floor Health
Postnatal Core Workout For 6wks Postpartum Video
4 Fast Fixes For Pelvic Floor Disorders
Pelvic Floor Encore
Diastasis Recti
Herbal Sitz Bath For New Mothers

American College of Nurse-Midwives
Our Moment of Truth
Citizens for Midwifery
Childbirth Connection
Midwifery Today
Ina May Gaskin
Gloria Lemay
My OB Said What?
Spinning babies
The Birth Pause
Sarah Buckley
Science and Sensibility
Lamaze for Parents
March of Dimes
Improving Birth
Aviva Romm – Own Your Health